De Fans: Arsenal's Midfield and Defence are Very Weak - Lovina Okafor

Before the Commencement of the fresh season, Olamide had a chat with an Arsenal faithful in a retired Nigerian female footballer who was as solid as Trojan in her active years.

Lovina Okas is someone we can describe as the game but she was still able to stay neutral.

Question: Why are you supporting your Club ?

Answer: I love arsenal as a team...Encourages young players...So many things that make me love the club though...

Question: How much do you rate your current manager?

Answer: He is due to leave... Disappointed!

Question: Are you satisfied with the pre season results?

Answer: Not Really

Question: Will you say your team is doing a good transfer window business?

Answer: They are not

Question: Who and what position do you consider a weakness in your team?

Answer: The defence line and midfield

Question: Who do you expect to be the shinning light in your team?

Answer: Lacazette,Oxlade,Bellerin

Question: What is your target this season?

Answer: For now we are not out for titles yet.

Question: Suggest the three teams that will go on relegation?

Answer: Huddersfield, Swansea and Brighton and hoves

Question: Which of the teams do you consider a threat to your aspirations?

Answer: In england I will say it's man united.then in Europe I will say it's Barcelona.

Why I say barca is because I have gotten an encounter with them many times and didn't excel

Question: Name a team that will flop?

Answer: Chelsea

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