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George Weah : Okocha Is the most skillful African of all time

Football Icon George Oppong Weah has chosen Nigeria’s Jay Jay Okocha ahead of Ghana’s Abedi Pele as the most skillful player among the two.
According to the Liberian, even him, having won the world’s best player during his playing days, is nowhere close to Okocha in terms of being adroit with the leather ball. “Abedi is a strong player, he’s a creative player but Jay Jay is more skillful. Even me, Jay Jay has more techniques than me. All the things that Jay Jay does on the field, we don’t even do one percent of it. So Jay Jay is a legend when it comes to that; he is very creative, he is very smart and he knows how to do tricks,” Oppong Weah who is contesting to be Liberia’s next President told Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday. He added: “For me I don’t do tricks, I will score a good goal and when I am squeezed up, I know how to run around. But to put the ball around and play with it, I give it to Jay Jay; he is an entertainer.”

Meanwhile, Andre Ayew, son of the Ghanaian legend had told Bola Ray in July 2016 that his father was more skilful than the Nigerian. “I will say Abedi Pele is the most skillful. He had a lot of skills even though their style of play was different. He showed a lot of technique and a lot of finesse in his game”. Okocha, who garnered 75 caps during his illustrious career, never won the African Player of Year award.

Ironically, he is arguably the best player never to have been crowned the continent's best player but won the BBC African footballer of the year twice.

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