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Broos : I don't intend to leave Cameroon for Bafana

Cameroon Coach,Hugo Broos has come out to clear the air on the speculations about him applying for the job of Bafana Bafana in this interview conducted by
Presented by the South African Federation as one of the candidates for the position of coach of the "Bafana Bafana", Hugo Broos defends his intention to leave Cameroon. The Belgian coach, a recent winner of CAN 2017, however, reserves the right to listen to proposals from other teams. If they are formulated officially ... Exclusive maintenance.
Hugo Broos, will you still be the coach of the Cameroon in the coming days?
Yes ! (He laughs) I am on a contract and there was no offer,but there is an interest. This is quite normal since we won the CAN 2017.

It is quite normal, it seems to me, that other countries or clubs think of me. But that does not mean there are contacts or offers. There is nothing at all for the moment; Not even from South Africa! The only thing that happened was that a manager introduced me to the South African Federation. And he is not even my manager.
The South African Federation has named you among the candidates for the position of coach, on their Twitter account. What do you think?
And is not it normal for the South African Federation to think of me for a position that is free? [...] Again, I have no contact with the South African Federation. [... ] These are things that happen. There are agents presenting you. Then, maybe the South African Federation will think that the post is made for Hugo Broos and make contact. But for now, there has been no contact between them and me. [...] That they say that I am one of the candidates, it is their words. I do not say that. Will they contact me or not? I do not know.
And if the South African Federation makes contact with you, can this challenge be of interest to you?
(He laughs) To answer this question is much too early, since there is not even contact. They are free to contact and I listen. But is it going to happen? That is something else. But this is not on the agenda.
So you're focused on the 2018 World Cup qualifiers with Cameroon?
But yes ! And then there's the Confederations Cup in June. There will be a lot of big teams [in Russia, Editor's note]. I want to have a nice tournament with Cameroon. And then there is especially the qualification for the World Cup. It is not because I won the CAN 2017 that, at one stroke, I will start to go left and right to leave Cameroon. I am free to listen to proposals but there are none. There are rumors. But between rumors and becoming a coach of South Africa, there is a very big difference.a manager. He said the South African team's coaching position was free. They asked me if I was interested, but not directly. He asked if he could introduce me. I said "well, go ahead, there's no problem." But there's only that. I do not intend to leave Cameroon.
So, even if the South African offer is interesting,will you remain as the head coach of the "Indomitable Lions"?
But there is not even an offer! (He's laughing)
But if there ever was one?

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