Advice for NPFL Players

I love,admire and respect our NPFL stars but many are just missing the track through fornication.

Since they have the privilege of travelling across 36states,what they do is to draft side-chicks in each state.
Wonder why a player will take the NPFL by storm in one season and flop after ?
Because the fame will make them champions of Girls and Women.
The wise ones will marry early to avoid distractions,the loyal ones will not hide their relationship status while the other ones will be wasting the money they are collecting through cultural protests.
You wondered why you're failing trials, getting injured regularly,lack European offers,Encountering goal drought ? Because the girls are using your star to rub foundation,wast
ing your sweat(money and body).
Five Years spell in the NPFL can make a serious person a success.
Form is temporary and class is permanent(Classify yourself)
What will happen to you if you lose one of your legs ?
what will happen if you stop playing due to heart problem ? God Forbid !
Spend wisely !

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