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Opposition Watch : Ouali: "Leekens is a perfectionist, that's the reputation he has in Belgium-Ouali

Idir Ouali is a 28 year Old French born Algerian international Midfielder who is plying his trade for K.V Kortrijk in Belgium talks about New Coach George Leekens,his philosophy and reputation and also said few things about his Algerians in the Jupiter Pro League in this interview with Lebuteur.

Idir, it is working well for you with Kortrijk, tell us a little about your new season

I feel very good after a rocky start where i was slowed down by slight injury,Now i found the form,I am getting games since few weeks and now beginning to find my bearing Thank God i am getting back to form and that's good for me and the team.

You played at Mouscron, the former club of the new national coach, George Leekens, tell us a little about this coach?

He is a great professional, believe me, He is famous here in Belgium. He is a perfectionist, he is known also for being a very good tactician. I do not know the man but I played against him, and I can tell you that he's a coach who know the game from start to finish, he is a tactician.

Does he have the pedigree to lead Algeria ?

It is clear that he is good for Algeria. He have know Algerian football. I know a lot of Algerian players who are in the National team and I can tell you that they will have no problem in communicating with Leekens. I hope he does a good job for the national team

Were you expecting invitation going by the fact you're playing in Belgium ?

Necessarily as an Algerian, i am always expecting invitation from the Coach. But in the main time,the important thing is that he succeeds with Algeria and to achieve his goal with the National team. For me, I know that everything goes through the field and it is also valid for Hanni, Belfodil, and Saadi who work very hard in Belgium, a championship he knows very well also

They say he's a coach who communicates well with players

It's true, he's a coach who knows how to motivate his team. Only that he must be given the time to know the players and blend to their attitudes. He just arrived, do not go too fast.I am not joking you can check his record here in Belgium,he is a coach with lots of experience who Coached big clubs here in Belgium and led the national team of Tunisia and Belgium.

It is said that he is a fan of 3-5-2, true?

Yes, I think it's the system he uses often, but this can change depending on the players available and of course the nature of the game and the opponent. There is no secret,the players will adapt to his philosophy,I can say one thing, as an opponent, it's very difficult to play against a team led by Leekens. I know what I'm talking about.

Algeria have problems,Can you confirm that Leekens will solve this problems ?

You know, if we follow his system and respect his instructions, believe me, our opponents will find it difficult to penetrate our defence.anyway, he gave me a good impression at this level.

You followed the game against Cameroon,What are your views about what went  down ? 

It is difficult to analyse this game. You know, the disappointment is understandable because we played at home but do not forget that it was against Cameroon. Now, we must turn the page and go for a win in Nigeria.

A Word for what Hanni, Belfodil, and Saadi are doing in Belgium?

I am very happy and proud of what we're doing in Belgium. It is a pride as Algerians to shine, Kudos to Hanni, Belfodil, and Saadi, who is the top scorer in the Championship

Can Saadi become selectable and take a place as a competitor of Slimani ?

I think that if he continue like this, he will eventually be considered,he Is a born scorer, he has many qualities of a finisher, I think it will favour the Algeria.

Photo Credit : footmercato

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