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Five Super Eagles Players with Great Ball Control

Our Players are talented and Unique individually but we must sometimes appreciate some of their skills.

Ball Control is the act of making the controlling surface, say the sole or outside of the boot, more rigid, the ball is 'wedged' between it and the ground. This is used when a player wants to force the ball downwards or into space so they can move onto it.

The 4 Types of Soccer Touches


This is applicable for forward dribbling or diagonal dribble.
A player will dribble quicker with the lace touch than the inside touch.Often useful to move into open space.
To perform a lace touch, lift up your knee, point your foot downward, lock your ankle, then touch the ball with your laces.


Technique useful in moving inside or touch to move horizontally, turn, and to dribble while shielding the ball.
To perform an inside touch, move your leg outward slightly, lock your ankle, then touch the ball with the middle of the inside of your foot.
The ball should go across your body. If the ball goes too far in front of you or too close to you, adjust the angle of your foot.


The outside touch  helps fullbacks to accelerate past opposition, they turn, and cut to the side.
The touch is quick just like the lace touch.
To perform an outside touch, move your leg inward slightly, lock your ankle, then touch the ball with the middle of the outside of your foot.


The Sole touch is used to turn, beat defenders, and move in all directions.
The sole touch is underused. I’ve seen great players use this touch to devastate defenses. It’s the hardest touch to master, but learning it is worthwhile.
To perform a sole touch, put your foot lightly on the ball. Roll the ball to the side. Perform a small hop with your other foot while rolling the ball. To use the sole touch to move forward, turn your body to the side.

Below are some of the current players with magnetic first touch eventhough it is not easy to see KANU NWANKWO this days.

5.Elderson Echiejile : Really Underrated but possesses a great outside touch especially when we are trying to switch play but doesn't remove the fact that he can't cross the ball.

4.Mikel John Obi : On his day,No player can protect the ball more than Mikel and he exhibits all the four skills but poor touches sometimes do push him to dribble.

3.Alex Iwobi : Arsenal talents are known to be special and Iwobi is another example,he have this fearless footworks inside the crowd just like Hleb and can lace the ball very well.

2. Brown Ideye : Can do great things with his chest,he is something closer to KANU and Can hold the ball up very well to bring others into play.

1. Oghenekaro Etebo : Brave player,can bring anything down from heaven including eggs.Excellence at using the inside of the foot to control on a quick 360 degrees turn just like he did against Algeria.

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