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"I don't think that the problem of language is the reason for the failure of Rajevac with Algeria-Paul Put

Photo Credit : Lebuteur.com

This is an interview granted by Former Burkina Faso Coach,Paul put with Lebuteur.com about Algerian National team.

Question : Hello, Mr. Paul was able. First of all, can you give us your opinion on the first misstep conceded by the side against Cameroon ?

Answer :It is clear that the final result of the match is not the Affairs of the Algerian team.Personally, I feel sorry for your selection. The Algeria has a very good team with quality players and a wonderful audience.I believe that this result is surprising for your team in front of his audience. I don't understand what happened against Cameroon.

Question : With the victory of Nigeria,Has Algeria lost its status as a favourite in this group to qualify for the next world ?

Answer : Perhaps. But personally, I had a different experience in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup.I remember that Burkina Faso had lost its first two games against Congo and Gabon.But we managed to pull ourselves together eventually and we could qualify for the Last round unfortunately we lost the ground against Algeria.

Question : How do you see Algeria Chances of Qualifying for Russia 2018 ?

Answer : The chances of the Algeria are still intact to qualify for the world cup,Sure that your team will be back in force in these qualifications.However, the next game against Nigeria will be decisive for your national team.

Question : At the end of this meeting, Rajevac has announced his resignation.His departure will negatively influence Greens course in the race for the next world cup ?

Answer : I can't say anything about it because I don't really know the reasons for his decision.But I read through the press that relationship have become very difficult for players.In this case, it is difficult to aspire to achieve good results if the current does not pass between him and the players.In my opinion, the FAF has begun research to choose a new coach capable of setting players with confidence after this misstep conceded at home against Cameroon.

Question : In the light of your experience, this kind of conflicts that exist in the locker room makes a coach to throw in the towel?

Answer : In modern football, work of a coach is not limited to the technical, physical and tactical component.A coach must have the ability to manage crises and to focus its Working psychologically when it is not fine within the group. I can even give you an example on that.

Question : Go ahead...

Answer : Watch Guardiola or Big coaches. They have the ability to have a great influence on the players.These are technicians who are remarkable psychologically.Personally, I had managed to create a remarkable relationship between the different parts of the group in Burkina Faso.As I already told you previously, it is important for a coach to handle this kind of situation when things don't go well for his team.

Question : The fact that Rajevac control neither the french nor the English, is the reason for his failure with the team ?

Answer : It is true that communication is an important factor for a driver in order to complete his mission.But on a personal level, I had a different experience with Jordan.Even if I do not master Arabic, this didn't stop me to do my job properly.We can communicate with players in the case of the presence of a competent translator. It seems difficult, although I prefer to communicate directly with players.

Question : Your name circulating to succeed Rajevac. Your comment?

Answer : Sincerely, I dream to coach Algeria. I had the opportunity during my career to meet several Algerians.I also had the chance to discover the atmosphere of stade Mustapha Tchaker with Burkina Faso. I say and I repeat that "I would like to lead the desert foxes one day.

Question : Did you approach with some agents or members of the FAF to lead the Algeria?

Answer : I only know my name circulating in the press to lead the Algeria and successor to Rajevac.But no contact has yet been established with members of the Algerian football Federation. I hope that the FAF will take home with me. I remain convinced of share my experience that I can succeed with the Algeria. I have the experience it takes to allow the Algerian team to overcome this difficult period.

Question : So we can say that Mr. Paul Put is motivated to lead the Algeria ?

Answer : Of course. I'm not saying I'm motivated to 50% or 100%, but rather to 1000% to lead the technical bar of the Desert foxes.

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