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Ivory Coast Elephants Bow Out of 2024 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament

In a spirited but ultimately unsuccessful campaign, the Elephants of Ivory Coast have been eliminated from the 2024 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament. Despite putting up valiant efforts against formidable opponents Lithuania and Mexico, the team's journey in Puerto Rico came to an end.

Final Group Stage Match Recap: Côte d'Ivoire vs Mexico

In their final group stage match, Ivory Coast faced Mexico in a game that showcased their determination and tenacity. The match, held at the Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot "El Choli" in Puerto Rico, concluded with a score of 81-92 in favor of Mexico.

Quarter Breakdown:

- Q1: Côte d'Ivoire 25 - 22 Mexico
- Q2: Côte d'Ivoire 21 - 22 Mexico
- Q3: Côte d'Ivoire 23 - 24 Mexico
- Q4: Côte d'Ivoire 12 - 24 Mexico

Ivory Coast started strong, leading the first quarter with 25 points to Mexico's 22. The second quarter saw a closer contest, but Mexico edged it out by one point. The third quarter continued in a similar fashion, with Mexico narrowly maintaining their lead. However, in the final quarter, Mexico pulled away decisively, outscoring Ivory Coast 24 to 12, which sealed the game's outcome.

A Hard-Fought Campaign

Throughout the tournament, the Elephants demonstrated their fighting spirit. Their previous encounters included a challenging match against Lithuania, a team known for its basketball prowess. Despite their efforts, the Ivory Coast team found it difficult to secure victories against such high-caliber opponents.

Looking Ahead

While their elimination is undoubtedly disappointing, the Ivory Coast Elephants can take pride in their performance and the experience gained from competing at such a high level. The team will look to build on this experience and continue to develop their skills and strategies for future competitions.

The 2024 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament was a tough battleground for the Elephants of Ivory Coast. Despite their elimination, their efforts and determination were evident throughout their matches. As they return home, the team can reflect on their journey and prepare for the challenges ahead, aiming to come back stronger in future tournaments.

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