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UEFA Euro 2024: Friday's Results and Saturday's Fixtures Recap

Three Games were played in the UEFA Euro 2024 on Friday, here is the Results:

Friday's Results:

1. Slovakia 1 - 2 Ukraine
In a closely contested match, Ukraine secured a vital victory over Slovakia with a 2-1 scoreline. The match saw Ukraine demonstrating resilience and tactical prowess to edge out their opponents.

2. Poland 1 - 3 Austria
Austria delivered a commanding performance against Poland, winning 3-1. The Austrian team showcased their offensive capabilities, putting Poland under pressure throughout the game.

3. Netherlands 0 - 0 France
The Netherlands and France battled to a goalless draw in a tense encounter. Both teams had opportunities to score but ultimately settled for a point each in their group stage clash.

Also, three games will hold today, here is the details of today's fixtures:

Saturday's Fixtures:

1. Georgia vs. Czechia at 14:00 WAT.
Group F - Georgia faces Czechia in what promises to be an intriguing matchup. Both teams will be aiming to secure crucial points as they look to progress in the tournament.

2. Türkiye vs. Portugal at 17:00 WAT.
Group F - Türkiye takes on Portugal in a highly anticipated fixture. Portugal, led by their star players, will seek to assert their dominance, while Türkiye will look to cause an upset with their strong defensive play.

3. Belgium vs. Romania at 20:00 WAT.
Group E - Belgium meets Romania in the final fixture of the day. Belgium, a team known for their attacking prowess, will be favorites against a resilient Romanian side eager to make their mark in the competition.

Stay tuned for more updates and analysis as UEFA Euro 2024 continues to unfold with thrilling matches and unexpected outcomes.

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