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Erik ten Hag Criticizes Manchester United's Expectations: "Club is Not Ready for Top Competitions"

In a recent interview with Voetbal International, Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag didn't hold back in expressing his frustrations with the expectations placed upon Manchester United. Ten Hag highlighted the stark reality that despite United's last league title being in 2013, there remains an insatiable demand for success.

"Manchester United won the league for the last time in 2013, 11 years ago. But still they expect us to win every game while competing at the top. This club is not ready for that," ten Hag remarked.

Reflecting on his tenure at the club, ten Hag emphasized the challenges of building a competitive team amidst high external pressures. "We were supposed to start building something and we made the first steps last year, but then you find out how big this club is and that nobody is ever satisfied," he explained.

Ten Hag also addressed criticisms he faced regarding his achievements, particularly focusing on his record of winning the Carabao Cup, losing the FA Cup Final, and finishing 3rd in the league. "Within the club people were satisfied, but outside the club there was noise by saying I won only the Carabao Cup, lost the FA Cup Final and became 3rd," he stated. "Well, then you have no sense of reality. Other clubs had a much better squad."

This candid assessment by ten Hag sheds light on the complexities of managing a club of Manchester United's stature, where expectations often outstrip reality. As the club continues to navigate its path back to the summit of English and European football, ten Hag's words serve as a reminder of the patience and support needed from both inside and outside Old Trafford.

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