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Opinion: NPFL Clubs Should Always Disclose Players Transfer Fee and Wages

By Oladele Emmanuel - It is always funny in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) when players transfer fee and wages are Undisclosed. For example a player moved from Kano Pillars to Enyimba, when the media are reporting it, you always see Undisclosed except for some rare occasions, does it means players in the league does not have values? What about monthly salaries, no data capturing for that likewise.

Why Clubs in the NPFL might not be declaring some key spendings and income, could it be because of tax, security or something else?

It will be great for us, if we can learn from developed leagues of the world like English Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga, among others, all players have values and price-tag before and during transfer and also made available in the media, Nigeria league is not has poor as many takes it to be, but our actions are painting the league wrongly.

In most cases, when league players move to a club in Kuwait, Norway, among others, when our media are reporting, you still see Undisclosed fee, why is the value for our player always 'Undisclosed'.

Ask a Chelsea fan in Nigeria about Tammy Abraham weekly wages, he can tell you without thinking and another might have to go to the internet to search for it, that shows the data is captured in the media.

In NPFL, we should stop signing players in 'Undisclosed fee' it takes values away from our league, Nigeria League is not poor but there is need for rearrangements.

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